3 Ways to Know If the Love is Real, If you are the one. Just Click

If you REALLY want to find the right guy for you, then you need to know how to filter out the guys who SEEM like Mr. Right but are actually Mr. Wrong

Put any guy through “The Love Test” and I guarantee you’ll know right away whether or not he’s a TRUE keeper.

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P.S. This is NOT about being rude, inconsiderate, or shallow – it’s simply a proven way to know whether or not you should be investing your time in a man or not.

Summary –

This has nothing to do with sex, amazing conversational chemistry, and whether or not the dude has a six pack or not. These are much deeper. If you’re looking for the man you can spend the rest of your life with, you need to realize that these are the things that matter the most in the long term. Here are the three ways to know if he’s THE ONE:

1. You Mutually Respect Each Other

When you’re looking for the one, you want to make sure you test whether or not he really respects you, because you can’t force someone to respect you.

2. You Have a Similar Life Vision

as you begin to explore one another, if you’ve met the one, you’re going to see that your life visions really start to come together – almost as if it were just meant to be. When that doesn’t happen, there’s going to be constant friction in the relationship.

3. You Want to Ask Yourself, “Do you like him, not just love him?”

After six months of any new relationship, your friendship with each other is going to be far more important than any romantic chemistry. What makes things even worse when it comes to love and relationships is that you can love someone but not really like that person. If that happens, no amount of physical passion or chemistry is going to hold the relationship together.

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