A simple method for men to delay first round orgasm – The Tactical Man Writes

First round sex as we know comes naturally with cumming early for many men across the world. When a man cum early with his first round sex that does not mean he is weak in bed.

In this short article, i explore to you a very simple tactic to defy the natural law of first round sex.

We know sex begin with romance right, so after the romance you enter. In the thick of romancing, the juice of the the man are pump with a huge pressure into the testicles heading toward the penis line.

After the romance, you are likely to cum very early if the penis is eventually penetrated in the vagina, is natural for all men. But this is a simple method for you to avoid that early release.

After the romance, just quickly find a washroom and urinate and then start the penetration. This is a proven method, you will find out how your first round will last. Try this in your next match and thank us later.

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