“Bishop Bernard Nyarko died in Maa Becky’s arms not Son”- Lady Reveals secrets

A lady who claims to be the relative of the woman (Maa Becky) who took care of Bishop Bernard Nyarko has revealed that the man of God/Actor who passed away on Saturday died in Maa Becky’s arms and not his Son’s arms as it has been reported by some news tabloids. Bishop Bernard Nyarko left behind two daughters and a son.

According to the lady who refused to mention her name in an interview on First2Watch TV on YouTube, she stated how Maa Becky met Bishop Nyarko and also how she stopped working to take care of him for over a year when he fell ill.

The Lady also stated clearly that Bishop Bernard Nyarko underwent just one surgery and not three as it was reported by some bloggers.

Listen to the Full interview in the Link below:

source:- first2watch tv

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