It is not compulsory for a man to take care of his wife’s family – Lady jabs

A Twitter user with the handle @Queen_minic has said that, it is not compulsory for a man to take care of his wife’s family but rather it is the responsibility of the woman to do so.

According to the relatively beautiful lady, such responsibilities should be channelled to the woman but not the man. Also stated emphatically that, men shouldn’t see that as an obligation to take care of the needs of the wife’s family just because he is married to their daughter.

Queen added that, it’s about time ladies work their asses off and be independent and stop depending on men for survival.

“The Duty of your husband is not to take care of your immediate family. Have something doing. It is your responsibility to take care of your family (siblings and parents) not that of your husband. Let it be his CHOICE to do. Don’t FORCE it on him Sis”, she wrote on Twitter.


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